Linking Together the Mixed Jurisdictions of the World


The World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists is an organization uniting jurists and comparatists around the globe. Its purpose is the study and advancement of the mixed jurisdictions which include South Africa, Scotland, Israel, Quebec, The Philippines, Puerto Rico, Louisiana and beyond.

It is composed of more than twenty law faculties from these countries, an international network of individual members, and several international organizations. The Society stimulates comparative law research, holds international conferences and congresses, and keeps its members abreast of interesting developments and new research in the field.

The Society was created in November 2002 in New Orleans, Louisiana. It welcomes new members.

The President of the WSMJJ is Vernon Valentine Palmer, Tulane Law School.

For all inquiries, please contact the General Secretary, Sean Donlan.

Next World Congress: June 24-26, 2015, Montreal, Canada. See Upcoming Events.


“There doesn’t exist in the modern world a pure judicial system formed without exterior influence…”

– Arminjon, Nolde & Wolf